Cameron’s Spring Fling


I can’t begin to tell you how many times I wish I had a camera living this life with Cameron. Tonight was another of those times, if only I could have videotaped this exchange to share it with you.


Here’s how it went…


Tomorrow night is “Cameron’s Spring Fling”, a dance at Cameron’s school Colonel Gray organized by the students in support of Easter Seals. Cameron has been so happy, tonight when we were driving to CBC for another Compass appearance, he made this “fist pump” motion as we were driving, which I caught out of the corner of my eye and I asked him, “What’s up?”. He, not realizing I had seen this, looked at me, smiled and said, “Oh, tomorrow night, I can’t wait, I’m so excited for my dance.” If only you could see the smile on his face, his life is beautiful and the experience the kids at Colonel Gray are giving him contributes to that.


So, today, we found out that his best friend Jacob, who is in Junior High, at Cameron’s old school, the amazing Birchwood, can go to Cameron’s dance too!


So, we just called Jacob….


We are in my bedroom, sitting on the big chair, we are on speaker phone as we wait for Jacob to come to the phone, Cameron looks at me and says, “I cannot wait to tell him!”, he is bursting.


Jacob comes to the phone.

Cameron: “Hi Jacob.”

Jacob: “Hi Cameron, I knew it was you.” J

Cameron: “Jacob, I have something to tell you.”

Jacob: “I already know Cameron, you were on CBC last night, I saw you!”

Cameron: “Oh! Thank you! Yes, I was.” he answers, side-tracked for a moment.


Cameron: “Oh, Jacob, you are coming to my dance tomorrow night.”

Jacob: “What? I am coming to your dance tomorrow night?!”

Cameron: “That’s right!” At this point Cameron’s face has the most beautiful smile, knowing how happy he has made someone who he cares for and loves so much.

Jacob then screams, enough I am sure that his whole household now knows.


Cameron goes on, “Jacob, you and I go to dances at Birchwood (when Cameron was in Grade 9), but I’m not there anymore, I’m at Colonel Gray and I go to dances there and you don’t; but, tomorrow, we are going to my dance at Colonel Gray, my high school!”


At this point, he is still smiling, like he has called someone to tell them they have won the lottery and will never have a concern for money again in their life. Jacob, then says, “Cameron…(pause)..I am so happy I have you for a brother.” To which Cameron responds, “Me too buddy, me too.”


Oh my God, at moments like this I am just beyond grateful to witness these exchanges. These two young men are just so sincere, kind and compassionate, it is beyond me. I am blessed.


Then they continue, Cameron says, “And Jacob, I am going to dance with girls there and there are lots of girls at Colonel Gray!” To this, by the way, Jacob asks, quite sweetly, “Can I dance with them too?” To which Cameron answers, “Yes.” Someone had better ask the “girls”.


Finally, Cameron says, “Oh Jacob, at my last dance the kids made a big circle and I dance in the middle of it and at this dance, YOU can do that too!” AND, the song is gonna be “Eye of the Tiger!” There is silence to which Jacob then responds, “Eye of the tiger?”.  “Yes,” Cameron confirms, “Eye! Of the Tiger!”


So, there you have it, another little window into my wonderful life where I get to witness the purest friendship and brotherly love.


Now to message Daniel, Matt, Summer, someone over at the Gray to see about getting Eye of the Tiger added to the playlist for Cameron’s Spring Fling.


Thank you students and staff of Colonel Gray. You really do rock.


Thank you Cameron and Jacob.


Thank you God for this life.


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