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Oh God, I didn’t sleep well and I feel it is going to be a long day. Going to bed last night, I imagined writing a happy blog post this morning, but already I am feeling extremely stressed.


Meeting a Prince not enough??

Stress #1 — 9 a.m. today: Cameron has been sitting beside me for over an hour now talking NON-STOP about his BIG birthday party tonight. So, I had to tell him, that after he meets the Prince and the Duchess we are coming home, first we will stop and get him a gluten free pizza at Boston PIzza, (special treat), but that this weekend we will have a BIG party with all our family and friends. He, subsequently stomps out of the room grumbling, “Hmmph, it’s my birthday and nothing special planned except I meet a Prince!” Yes, he actually says, “Hmmph.” #meetingRoyaltynotenough  #formydramaprince


This Mom needs new PJs, I know I’m not alone in this…right Moms?

Stress #2 — 9:15 a.m.: Non Royal related, but Jamie just looked at me in my “pyjamas”, a black nightie with spaghetti straps over an old black t-shirt and says, “THIS is why you need help, you look like you just lost your home and are living in a shelter.” Thank you Jamie. #momneedsPJs #iknowimnotalone


What WILL he say to the Royals? Apparently there are MANY options…

Stress #3 — Since last night Cameron has been talking about what he will say to the Prince and Duchess today and it goes something like this….


Asking the Royals to help my Mom with her problem…

Watching the arrival of the Royal Couple in Nova Scotia last night, the commentators were talking about how they are always on time, stating, “It’s Royal precision, down to the minute, in fact the Queen in all her years and events has never been late.”

To this, Cameron turned to me and says, “Oh Mommy, they NEVER late and you ALWAYS late, hmm, (that’s a sarcastic hmmm) I think I ask the Prince, ‘You never late and my Mom always late, you think you can help her?'” OMG #nuffsaid


Telling a Prince he sounds “snooty”?…

Then the CBC showed a clip of the Prince being interviewed by George Stromboulopoulus and “someone” in this house, who shall remain nameless, said that he sounded “snooty” to which Cameron replied, “Oh, I gonna tell him that.” Meaning he is going to “tell on” the person who called the Prince snooty, but we can all imagine how that will come across. God help me now.


Will the Royals take a picture of me?…

Next Cameron decides he is going to ask the Prince and the Duchess, “Will you take a picture of me?” In “Cameron speak” this means “with me”, but he just can’t seem to get the use of the word with, so let’s see how asking the Royal Couple to take a picture OF him goes over.


Tie or no tie…

He continued asking if he really had to wear a tie saying, “It be bugging me and I be going like this (now mimicking pulling on his collar) and everybody be looking at me.” To which I told him, “No Cameron, you don’t really have to wear a tie,” His response, “Oh, I be wearing a tie.”  #myGod #whyiamalwaystired


Cameron’s guide on how to MARCH correctly when meeting Royals…

Then, while watching the receiving line wait for the Royals arrive in Halifax last night, he says, “How I know where I walk tomorrow?”  “Cameron,” I tell him, “You will just walk behind the others, follow in line.”

“Oh good,” he replies, seeming more confident, then adding “And I walk like this.”

He is now standing imitating soldiers marching, lifting one leg, knee up, hold it in place, then strike foot down on ground and repeat. Lord help me now.

Go to 1:20 in this video, if you want to see what Cameron has planned.


Finally! “Your wife is beautiful” I like this idea…

FINALLY, he decides, and finally some light for this Mom, “I think I say to the Prince, ‘You a lucky man have such a beautiful wife'” Then he turns as if to look at the Duchess, “Here your flowers, have a good day.”

Oh my God, I am so proud of my little man, “WONDERFUL Cam, that sounds wonderful.”


Cameron’s advise on women (girls) for the Prince…

But no, he’s not done yet, he then adds, “And I say to the Prince, now he is demonstrating tapping the Prince on the shoulder and whispering out of the side of his hand into the Prince’s ear, “Girls crazy”.


Yes, that’s my boy, this is my life, I have to laugh, I hope that I am still laughing tonight.


PS Yesterday’s rehearsal went well, it really became quite exciting when the motorcade of black shiny cars pulled up in smooth Royal fashion, Cameron was great, relishing the moment.


Also, anyone wishing to view today’s arrival of the Royal Couple can do so at 6:05 ADT at www.cbc.ca.

Here we go!!! 🙂



2014-05-18 14.43.19
RCMP and organizer discuss the arrival. Cameron maintains his “post”. 🙂


2014-05-18 14.43.23
That’s our Premier and his wife to the left, Cameron patiently staying on his spot to the right.


2014-05-18 14.43.41
RCMP, including our friend Ken, on the left. What a beautiful day! Hoping the rain holds off today.


2014-05-18 14.47.30
Doug Newson, Airport Authority (centre) and a representative from the reknowned College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada in the foreground, their appearance will make today’s arrival extra special!


2014-05-18 14.47.43
Pretty well ready!!!


PS I have redeemed myself a little this morning by preparing Cam a gluten free birthday breakfast. He says that earlier he was “less happy” and now, he is “more happy”. (Although he will not eat the oranges, they are “too juicy” and the blackberries are “new” he can’t eat them and the blueberries are “Jamie’s food” so he can’t eat them. #healthyeatingchallengecontinues

Cam's birthday breakfast
Cam’s gluten free birthday breakfast.




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