Raising funds, “off” wine and an incredible young comic. The Week In Review

What a week!  Each day I wanted so badly to post, but ended up crashing at the end.  It has been so busy, but in good ways. 🙂

Friday: Attended the Mayor’s fundraising dinner for the 2014 Relay For Life Dream Team on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society. What a night, entertainment was provided by our own local CBC news anchor and guitar player/singer extraordinaire Bruce Rainnie, who knew?? J Alongside him, his beautiful wife and acclaimed fiddler Kendra MacGillivray, fantastique! And, where would Bruce be without his other “other half” and our own weather muse, Kevin ‘Boomer’ Gallant, singing AND channeling the soul of our dearly departed Elvis. OH MY. A great night in support of the fight against Cancer.

Saturday: To Moncton to see my best friend in the world Karen, we’ve know each other since we were six, been best friends since we were 19, and oh the stories…that she can tell, not me, my memory fails me, a lot now. Her stories? I am not so sure they are all factual. #upfordebate #momsbrain #bunchofmush

Visit with her and Andrew and James, I love those boys and also some shopping. Yes, the shopping which Jamie adores and I detest, well dislike, when it comes to me. Tried on some tops, looked in the mirror and yeah, well, it was a long, long winter of wine and munchies. #successfulhibernation That’s it! I decided there and then…I am “off” wine. Seriously, I am, I will not be drinking wine until (pick a date, pick a date) June 21. Here we go, goodbye winter fat.

Sunday: To my brother James’ for his annual Mother’s Day Lobster boil and BBQ. My brother, he is awesome, I call it annual as I write because I realize that this is the third or fourth year we have done this. I love him. So there is lobster and salad and seafood chowder and bacon wrapped scallops and wings and ribs and chicken and burgers, you get the picture, and yes, wine.

Happy Us Moms Day!
Happy Moms Day!


Rainy day lobster boil and BBQ.
Rainy day lobster boil and BBQ.


Before the feast. Yum. 🙂


Some of the fixins. We are blessed.


Family and friends. :)
Family and friends. 🙂


More family and friends. We are lucky, all of us.


Awesome young people, make us proud. :)
Awesome young people, make us proud. 🙂


Abby photobombing Jamie cutting the cake.
Abby photo-bombing, Jamie slicing.


Cousins. :)
Cousins. 🙂


Mermaid Rink is closed for another season.
Mermaid Rink. Closed for another season.


Jack, lower left, sneaking away with found lobster.
Jack, lower left, sneaking away with found lobster.
May 11 and the fire still feels good. Summer soon please.
May 11 and the fire still feels good. Summer soon please.


It was a long winter.


Becc, Cam and Wade. :)
Becc, Cam and Wade and Photo-bomber Abby. 🙂
After the feast.


MJ on clean up duty, Ryan on photobomb duty.
MJ on Clean Up, Ryan on Photobomb. 🙂


And so I eat lobster and salsa and some salad and NO wine, proud of myself, I am. Cameron tried lobster, I was actually pressuring my kid to eat lobster, who gives away yummy lobster to unwilling recipients? I just want him to back off burgers and gluten free macaroni. Have I mentioned before that Cameron has celiac disease? He eats a lot of food that has little fiber, and too much sugar. White gluten free bread and rolls. Another ongoing battle, another blog. So, a few bites and I give up on what I consider to be a healthier protein and he has two burgers, c’est tout. He is happy, I am tired. Did I mention I had NO wine?

Monday: Back to work, it is very stressful at work, I am working on a project on which it is critical that I succeed, that’s all I can say, there is no room for failure. It is personal. I will be able to tell you more about it in a future blog. Right now, my God, and it is causing me a lot of stress.

Monday Evening:  Took Jamie to her driving lesson, Cameron at home, uneventful except for the ongoing discussion about Cameron’s newest elixir for a “make us all younger” potion. That blog is coming very soon…I need to vent.

Tuesday: Uneventful, I believe I only wanted to give away my teen daughter (and that’s putting it nicely, my text to Karen, my BFF and morale Mom support, was more severe. Note to self: another very honest blog about raising teenage girls) once on this day, it was a good day. Oh yes, day three, no wine. Woo Hoo.

Wednesday: I can’t remember.

No, wait, oh, yes, THE hockey game. The Canadiens won, sorry mes amis de Boston. 🙂  When the Habs scored their first goal, Wade said to me, very excited, “In all of the games in this series the team that scored the first goal in this game won the wholel series!” My response, disturbed, because I am tired, what’s new?: “What series? I’m sorry, in English please, no, nevermind.”  Hockey stats do not compute, because I don’t want them too. My brain is too tired for that. Other Moms will understand this, there comes a time when you have a reserve your brain activity to what is important and a priority, because there is so little of useful brain left. #sadfact  🙁

Thursday: Picked Cam up at his Dad’s to take him to school. Kent was in the middle of trying to get Cam to wear underwear. We are heading into his 14th year and the boy has never worn underwear, except maybe the first three days of grade one. And at that time it wasn’t a hill we needed to die on. Well, my boy is growing up, much to his dismay and well underwear are becoming more important, especially when a boy of his age is wearing gym pants or shorts as he was yesterday. Do I need to say more?

So I arrived and Kent was threatening no TV at his house or at Mom’s house and Cameron, well, he was on the verge of a breakdown, tears were building. So I asked Kent to leave us alone and we had a little talk. I explained that even at four years of age, the age that Cameron dreams of being again, little kids wear underwear and with a lot of soft talk, I cannot believe I got him into the underwear, VICTORY! Here’s hoping we can make it past three days, please God, are you listening?

Later that day: Drank wine (Let’s call today June 21).

Wednesday Night: THIS is the night I want to tell you about. Attended the Stars for Life Foundation  annual gala dinner and auction, Wayne Rostad hosted, great job, wonderful entertainer. A wonderful night to raise funds so that the Stars for Life Foundation can continue to operate its programming for adults with autism spectrum disorder through their home and resource centre facilities. And the bright light of the night was an amazing young man named Michael McCreary who attended accompanied by his Dad, Doug.

Michael is an 18 year old stand-up comedian who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of five. From his website: “In an act of self-preservation, combined with the desire for constant attention and the inability to stop talking, stand-up comedy seemed inevitable. Michael trained under David Granirer, founder of Stand Up for Mental Healthto create his act ”Does This Make My Asperger’s Look Big?” Over the past four years Michael has performed across Canada and the United States.”

Michael McCreary - AspieComic
Michael McCreary – AspieComic

Last night we were treated to his intelligent, quick and hilariously delightful reflections on his world as an 18 year old who happens to have Asperger’s. Watching Michael on the stage made me so proud, just as a mother, perhaps more so, for his mother and father, to witness and enjoy his incredible talent. It just gave me such hope for Cameron, anything is possible, really, it is!

The great news is that in October of this year, in recognition of Canada’s Autism Awareness month, Michael is taking his show “Does this make my Asperger’s look big?” on the road. He and his Dad will be driving from St John’s, Nfld to Vancouver, BC performing for free to help local autism organizations raise funds for programs within their communities. Can you believe this awesome young man? I just LOVE stories like this. I can physically feel my heart swell when I think of him, his parents, and his success. #lifeisgreat

Michael will also be interviewing families as he tours across Canada, highlighting their stories of positive experiences and messages of hope to help change the stereotype of autism and from that creating a documentary.

To find out more about Michael and his tour go to his web site at: www.aspiecomic.com. Or find him on facebook at “Michael McCreary – AspieComic”.

EXCITING EVENT SOON: Okay, finally, before I finish off this post tonight, I just need to tell you that I will be posting tomorrow about a very exciting event in which Cameron has been invited to take part. It is going to be HUGE and Cameron cannot wait, in fact he was in my room practicing yesterday morning; with a wide sweeping of his arms into some sort of grandiose bow, he says, “Welcome Grand Sir!” Can you guess what he will be up to? I will explain tomorrow. Gotta go feed a kid, who apparently is on the verge of starvation, yes starvation. My God. Seriously? And me too, I have to eat, but NO wine.

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