McHappy Day About To Get A Little HAPPIER with Cam



It’s McHappy Day at McDonald’s today and Cameron will be working there from 1 to 3 p.m. come by and see him if you live near us!!

He is SUPER excited! Last night he asked me over and over again, with that serious furrow he gets in his brow, “I be getting a uniform Mom?? You call my boss and ask them.” Then, he asked if he could work at the window, again and again. Then later, he seemed to change his mind, “Mom, I think maybe I work at the counter place.” “Okay, I told him, we will go where they put us.”

Later I realized why he may need room to do his job when I spied him in my bedroom in front of the mirror practicing….his smile.

He looked into the mirror, with great commitment to the profession, and said, “HERE’S your food,” at the same time motioning the ‘giving of the food’ to the customer, then he added “…and HERE’S YOUR SMILE!” with a grandiose sweeping of his hands under his mouth and out to his side in the shape of a smile. This morning he kept asking why he couldn’t work the entire day, I feel a job coming on. 🙂

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McHappy Day for Children's Charities!
McHappy Day for Children’s Charities!
  • You go Cameron – have a great day at MacDonalds – that was Uncle Jay’s first job in Halifax. Love you Aunt Lynn xoxo

  • Catherine MacInnis

    I remember Linda! Jen and I worked there too! He had an awesome day! Cameron says, “I love you Auntie Lynn.” xoxo

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